2019 and looking forward

The landscape is forever evolving, twisting and turning as different platforms and publications try new things. It is trial and error which of course will determine what the industries future successes become, but we have our eyes on a couple of trends below.

Video has been on our radar for a number of years now, and there are no signs of this format slowing down. The future most certainly is video, with some experts saying that over 80% of what we consume online will soon be video content. YouTube held this crown for a decade, but other platforms have jumped on the band wagon with Facebook launching “Premiere” late 2018.

“Millennials seek authenticity. That’s why millennials are the future of brands. The evolution of technology during their lifetime means Millennials have a disruptive mind-set. They are a free- thinking, individualistic generation that’s over 80 million strong. Importantly, older Millennials are beginning to enter their peak earning years and will have disposable income, and we can expect this shift to continue as more Millennials age”. -WWD-

Instagram Stories are becoming increasingly popular with brands and influencers alike, showing a more ‘undone’ version of themselves. This vulnerability and authenticity are vital for all brands moving forward to keep an audience engaged and listening.

An example of Stories being used at their best is broadsheet newspaper The Guardian throughout 2018. They targeted the Millennial by adopting a friendly, casual tone on Stories, jokes and emojis. As a result, the Guardian’s Instagram following grew from 860,000 to now 1.4 million in a matter of months.

Influencers were once considered to be those with a high follower numbers. Thanks to changes in algorithms and the opportunity to buy followers, brands are looking elsewhere to gain cut through. Welcome, the micro-influencer. Micro-influencers will usually have less than 10,000 followers but have an extremely engaged audience with their content.

Micro-influencers were the key to attaining a successful, well rounded campaign in 2018 and we’re excited to see how the landscape evolves with the newcomers entering the space.

"Generation Z was born digital. They have no idea that there’s been a technology revolution, they’re above tech savvy, they are tech genius” - Business of Fashion

Generation Z will soon be calling the shots with how brands market and reach the consumer. They have grown up with technology and see this as a ‘normal’ way of communication to brands and businesses will have to change the way they work to keep up. Social media never sleeps, and we can see 24/7 customer support becoming the norm. We are becoming increasingly impatient and expect all out complaints / questions to be answered straight away by brands. Consumers want to feel wanted and appreciated. We’ll be saying goodbye to corporate speak, in favour of human interaction.