Footasylum Womens LFW Takeover

Fifi was first up and started the day at her model agency, where she shared everything from practicing her walk, measurements, head shots and the experience of being in hair and makeup beforehand!

Carmen headed to The Strand to begin her takeover during LFW, from paparazzi to influencer and blogger cliques, this was the main spot to be especially when you want your outfit snapped and to see what everybody else is wearing! She then made an appearance at The Blogger Hangout to relax and catch up with some friends before heading over to The Apartment which, FYI was the place to be during LFW. Carmen ended the day on a high with the Jiri Kalfar presentation.

Both influencers shared their experience on their own platforms in addition to Footasylum Women’s and we ensured that they provided their followers with a direct link in their bio to shop their look ai??i?? this link was made trackable so Footasylum Womens could review statistics.

Sportswear is fast becoming the new streetwear and is ultimately creating its own stamp in trend, with both influencers providing the perfect insight into two completely different sides of LFW while channeling sport and style. Although this was the perfect timing to make a mark with sportswear, some of the other key trends which are a must mention ranged from high-shine macs to heritage checks.

This was some of the best fashion street style yet and Label PR loved collaborating with Footasylum Womens and two of the most current influencers in the industry. We can’t wait for next season!