Lauren Mahon, also known on social as @girlstolelondon, not only went through one of the most chaotic and uncertain years of her life last year, but she has since inspired women all over the country with her story and trust us, it’s a story you want to hear!

When you are in your thirties, you expect your biggest worry to centre around what you and your partner have planned at the weekend, what to cook on Thursday evening and making sure you set a reminder to send your parents birthday cards. Frantically losing your mind at your new credit card statement and convincing yourself that your recent shopping splurge was an absolute must, is familiar to all of us. Breast cancer however, especially at this age, isn’t something you really give a lot of thought to or more importantly, expect you are going to have.

With this in mind, Lauren teamed up with some of the most influential content creators in the biz to draw awareness to breast cancer and the importance of checking their, as she likes to say, fun bags. With a collective 7.6 million followers between them, these girls aren’t messing around and are spreading the word to as many people as possible.

While her Instagram feed became a platform and somewhere she could document her life, it allowed us insight into what having cancer at thirty was really like and the turmoil it had on her life. We, her loyal followers, were given snippets of each experience, and were subsequently routing for her every step of the way. Not only did she break the silence around cancer on social media, but she inspired so many of us and encouraged those that were also going through something similar that cancer, despite its hold, wouldn’t beat them.

For somebody who could still find light whilst in such a dark situation, we can only admire her. Not only is GIRLvsCANCER an escape but it’s a campaign filled with love, support and a bunch of girls who are no longer colleagues, but life-long friends. If you haven’t already, you need one of these tees in your life!