Influencer Testimonials

Natalie Winter
“I worked with Label PR on a project for Footasylum Womens, which involved doing a shoot with the brand and an interview. I thought it was lovely that the girls from Label PR actually came to the shoot rather than just setting me up to meet the brand. I found them very professional whilst also being friendly and fun, they made me feel comfortable straight away. I would love to work with them again, I had so much fun on the project!”


Just Skai 
The team at Label PR are in regular contact with me for various projects including my recent collaboration on the Proactiv+ Influencer Community campaign, which was over six months of working on events and projects together. I’ve also recently opened up a new Footasylum Womens store and was an ambassador for this campaign.
I would highly recommend working with Label PR as the team is always friendly, super organised and caring. All ambassadors and bloggers they pick are always exactly what the brand need and of course, makes my job as an influencer much easier working with brands that match my personal style and lifestyle too.
P.S Label PR always have the most fun events!

Lesley Buckle
I’ve recently been working on a campaign with Footasylum Womens. The collaboration has been dealt with very professionally and Label PR have been extremely helpful and approachable throughout the process. Lots of information was given regarding the collaboration requirements so it’s been clear what’s expected and someone has always been available to ask questions if needed. It’s been a pleasure working with Label PR and I’d definitely recommend them to other influencers.

Lissy Roddy
I worked with the Label PR team with Footasylum Womens, the collaboration was really easy to organise and t Label PR were very understanding of what worked best with me and made it work with the brand. I would definitely want to work with Label PR again. They’re really well organised and efficient!

Carmen Do
I have worked on a few projects with Label PR, in which I feel has paired the perfect campaigns and brands to my own style and the content that I create! I usually love the briefs that the agency sends over and I feel excited to create content with and help push Label PR’s brands.

Working with this agency helps me share new things and styles with my followers, creatively in a way that is going to attract attention. I love how professional, yet friendly each team member is.