Influencers launch Proactiv Complete

 With a face like Kendall Jenner linked to the brand, it was an exciting time for Label PR to partner with select influencers to review the skincare giant’s latest product launch, 

proactiv complete influencer content

The skincare experts at Proactiv are known globally for their A-list fan base – with Kendall being the ambassador for 2019 and beyond, but last year wasn’t all about Kenny’s incredible skincare unveiling. The brand tasked Label PR to launch an all new formulation which targets blemish prone skin as well as introduce the brand’s first ever Amazonian clay mask to beauty press, influencers and celebs.

‘The Proactiv Complete Campaign’ aimed to deliver on brand and engaging ‘real life’ content from micro influencers with blemish prone skin –is this a good spot to mention that Label PR overachieving promised content by 146%?

With a strict brief to only work with micro-influencers who have long standing blemish prone skin, Label PR used its proven research techniques to identify niche influencers and YouTubers who fit each criteria set by the client – and moreover looked at the prospective ROI of each before agreeing individual collaborations. With a client brief that the campaign was a content driving tool, we wanted a skin-deep approach so focussed on more than just how the content looked – we wanted traffic, sales and growth across social media.

With only a budget for gifting products, the aim was to gather content (in particular video footage) for use by the brand across its own social media, marketing and advertising plans.

All influencers were given a tight brief and at the campaign’s end 100% of assets shared were within the guidelines set to our influencer community. The average engagement rate per post rose by more than 32% and similarly Impressions rose by more than 20% with a 5% increase in followers in the days following the influencer posts starting to be posted.

Alongside the huge success of our influencer campaign for Proactiv, Label PR was also instrumental in gifting key Beauty Editors and VIPs with results across social media praising the brand’s new range.

All that’s left is to see the 2020 influencer footage being put to excellent use!

proactiv complete influencer content