Put influencers to work

Whether they are sitting in the front row at London Fashion Week, fronting a campaign on social media or attending VIP launch events, the IT crowd of influencers are number one on the list for any millennial brand.

Rewind three or four years and it all seemed so simple, when a gift package was used as a form of payment and, in turn, social following, traffic and sales peaked! Fast forward to 2017 and top tier bloggers are earning hundreds of thousands of pounds for a single Instagram post.

Influencers are shaping the future and customer purchasing habits. And although many marketers understand the need for them, the first question often asked by brands is, what is our return on investment?


At Label PR we don’t just deliver results! With our huge roster of influencers, we begin by selecting the right one for our clients and their requirements.

We hand pick influencers based on their engagement rate, content, reach and, most importantly, what they can do for our client’s business.

What makes us stand out is our capability to calculate an estimated ROI using adapted traditional marketing techniques.

How we do this? That would be telling, but we take away the fancy software to define output against KPIs and provide you with a talented team that really knows its stuff!

With access to analytics tools we determine the most relevant metric to measure for each campaign. We monitor activity throughout to provide insights into web traffic generated, the number of times content is shared and revenue generation. Alongside this our team of PR experts work hand-in-hand to deliver press coverage stemming from any major campaigns and newsworthy stories.

Understanding the relevance of Instagram and social media is key, along with the rise of the micro-influencer. Picking the right influencer isn’t all about social following anymore, with the ability to purchase followers and an increased frustration with Instagram’s algorithm rules, micro-influencers are leading the pack when it comes to building long term relationships with their following.

Employing a hybrid approach, we seamlessly merge traditional PR with digital and technical insights, not only increasing brand awareness but traffic and sales combined and we report back on how all of this affects your business, sales and return.