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Social media in lockdown

The past few years, social media has experienced many changes keeping marketeers and PRs on their toes. From the introduction to IGTV, Instagram Stories and popularity of TikTok and Twitch, the ways of creating and reaching audiences has expanded. With this, we also saw a rise in negativity across social media. People began to turn ‘off’ due to hard sells and poorly placed sponsored posts, while trolls and cancel culture seeped into all aspects of social. Digital marketing can be a difficult place to navigate in search of guaranteed success especially due to changing algorithms and engagement rates; However, as we’ve seen with the Covid-19 pandemic, digital connections are more important than ever. Sabrina Barr writing for The Independent hit...

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2019 and looking forward

The landscape is forever evolving, twisting and turning as different platforms and publications try new things. It is trial and error which of course will determine what the industries future successes become, but we have our eyes on a couple of trends below. VIDEOVideo has been on our radar for a number of years now, and there are no signs of this format slowing down. The future most certainly is video, with some experts saying that over 80% of what we consume online will soon be video content. YouTube held this crown for a decade, but other platforms have jumped on the band wagon with Facebook launching “Premiere” late 2018. AUTHENTICITY“Millennials seek authenticity. That’s why millennials are the future of...

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Last month, Label PR saw a Director takeover by its original founder, Lee Bloor alongside newly announced Company Directors Jessica Thornton and Almina Wilson - who were previously employed by the agency as PR Account Director and PR & Creative Director respectively. The trio have known and worked together for over a decade, delivering an unrivalled partnership and deep-rooted understanding of each other, the industry, and how to create award winning campaigns for clients. At the time of the takeover, new co-owner of Label PR Lee Bloor, said: “Our USP is that we’re ‘an anti-agency’ breaking the mould of how clients are serviced. Our fresh approach will give our brands top-level access and flexibility to use the Partners as an...

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