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Influencers launch Proactiv Complete

 With a face like Kendall Jenner linked to the brand, it was an exciting time for Label PR to partner with select influencers to review the skincare giant’s latest product launch,  The skincare experts at Proactiv are known globally for their A-list fan base – with Kendall being the ambassador for 2019 and beyond, but last year wasn’t all about Kenny’s incredible skincare unveiling. The brand tasked Label PR to launch an all new formulation which targets blemish prone skin as well as introduce the brand’s first ever Amazonian clay mask to beauty press, influencers and celebs. ‘The Proactiv Complete Campaign’ aimed to deliver on brand and engaging ‘real life’ content from micro influencers with blemish prone skin –is this...

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Label PR launches Proactiv Compete

Brand new to the UK market, Proactiv Complete is the only skincare system with ingredient CombiActiv that gets deep into the pores to target the causes of breakouts. Following on from Kendall Jenner’s launch as a brand ambassador, Proactiv Complete launched to hte consumer on 1st September 2019. This 3-Step daily clear skin system is super-charged with CombiActiv technology only found in Proactiv Complete. This targeted, combination regimen delivers a complete solution that works to control 4 major causes of spots and blackheads:   Clear breakouts and blemishes Control bacteria that lead to blackheads and spots Soothe redness and dry skin Correct and reduce oil production Label PR launched the new product to influencers and press and handled Proactiv's press office...

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2019 and looking forward

The landscape is forever evolving, twisting and turning as different platforms and publications try new things. It is trial and error which of course will determine what the industries future successes become, but we have our eyes on a couple of trends below. VIDEOVideo has been on our radar for a number of years now, and there are no signs of this format slowing down. The future most certainly is video, with some experts saying that over 80% of what we consume online will soon be video content. YouTube held this crown for a decade, but other platforms have jumped on the band wagon with Facebook launching “Premiere” late 2018. AUTHENTICITY“Millennials seek authenticity. That’s why millennials are the future of...

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