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The character allowance, twice the freedom, twice the content

Lee Label PR

How brands can benefit from Twitter’s new character count

During September, Twitter carried out a test allowing a small group of users to benefit from a brand new 280-character allowance per Tweet. During the trial, users proposed that the new feature could increase engagement and ultimately help gain followers, providing a win-win for both online influencers and brands.
We know what you’re thinking, it could essentially take away the brevity and ultimate USP of the platform; the microblog of the social media world. However, after giving it some thought, we couldn’t disagree more when it comes to Social Media Marketing.

The freedom from this new update allows a less condensed approach, the longer format means users can Tweet freely with a less restrictive word-count, essentially offering a more authentic advantage to create and share exciting content.

Overall, it means a lot less tweaking and cramming of the content and the need to constrict into the original 140-character layout. Needless to say, this new feature is of course far less time-consuming and more importantly, it is optional- the benefit is there if you need it. Within Twitter’s 280-character test group, only 5% of the users actually went over the 140 character limit, meaning not everybody felt obliged to use the new Twitter feature!

Brands commonly own a separate Twitter account to accommodate for their customer service enquiries, which this new feature will certainly add convenience to. It creates freedom for brands to respond to customer queries without a small character limit, offering more insightful information to their consumers.